multimedia tools


an easy and free tool for creating screencasts–videos that capture screen activity and your voice–so that you and students can create and share tutorials, video journals, and other screen-based videos


a suite of open source tools for digital storytelling; developed for journalists and media makers, but easy to use and engaging for novice users

  • Timeline JS: present a story that occurs over time
    • can include text, image, and video to present and analyze an event
    • also great for an interactive resume
  • Soundcite: add soundclips to text
    • here’s a soundclip you can use: (just paste this where Soundcite prompts you for an audio URL)
    • works best with WordPress; in other words, create the soundclips in Soundcite and attach them to text that you publish with WordPress
  • Storyline: attach annotations to a basic line chart to tell the story behind the numbers (still in beta but works fine)
    • here’s my example with numbers from the Professional Writing Minor


A platform for students and teachers to create multimedia stories/presentations and collaborative projects. The free version has “basic” options of text and images; an educators’ version ($99 per year for unlimited students) has the options of adding video and quizzes and using premade templates.


a tool for annotating images with text, links, images, and video; costs $35 per year for 35 students, and you can add more students for $1 each (pricing plan)

a very easy set of tools and resources to analyze and visualize data of various types, including word clouds, document comparisons, and network visualizations


a free drag-and-drop document design program, useful for creating flyers, infographics, and other text/image combos


free, powered by ArcGIS (which also has a free option), with templates for map-based tours, points of interest, in-depth narratives, presenting multiple maps, and more; lots of tutorials, examples, and help available

  • here’s an example of a student project using Storymaps from Trish Fancher’s Writing 105M class